Mobile Apps

These are mobile apps that I developed or contributed.

Consultório Live

This app is a complement to the web-based system Consultório Live. It allows doctors to manage pacient scheduling, as well as their electronic health records (EHR). Users can also upload images from the phone's camera or image gallery directly to EHRs.

To log in this app, you must have an account at Consultório Live, which can be created at this link (in Portuguese).

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Tabelas da Saúde

Browse the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems and the Brazilian TUSS, which is a unified, standardized table for medical procedures.

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Ponte Rio-Niterói

Get real time information about the Rio-Niterói Bridge, including traffic conditions, ETA and Live Cameras. The Rio-Niterói Bridge is currently the longest prestressed concrete bridge in the southern hemisphere, and the sixth longest in the world.

The concessionaire company that manages the bridge welcomed this app as a new tool to make people better informed.

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Vacina Ação

Concept app to streamline the bureaucratic part of the vaccination process and give important information for decision making in the Department of Health of the City of Niterói.

This application won the 3rd prize in the 1st Hackatown held by the Mayor of Niterói.

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RioBus was a real time collaborative monitoring system for the buses of the city of Rio de Janeiro. The app allowed users to search for a bus line and view its buses on a map, with updated positions, directions, as well as the line path.

This is a project in which I participated in the development of the first versions for iOS in 2014, still in Objective-C.

Edit: The mobile apps related to RioBus were deactivated by lack of availability to keep them up-to-date.

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Just for Fun

The apps below were created just for learning purposes or... fun, since learning a new technology is also fun.

Random Generator

Generate random values ​​for various purposes. With this application you can generate uniformly distributed integers, choose random letters, sort playing cards or even a color.

It can be useful whether you are a developer who needs to test values ​​as well as if you want to randomly select something for a board game.

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Probability Distributions

Easily calculate probabilities using the most common distribution models. The app gives you the value of a probability, the mean and variance.

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