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So... I am not a professional game developer, but my brother and I just love creating them for fun and it’s a great opportunity to learn about new technologies!

Blue Runs

In this game, you should run continuously through the green hills, jumping between platforms and avoiding obstacles. Your reflexes are going to set up the responses of the character, so show your abilities in maneuver, collecting coins and beat your friends’ records.

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Asteroid Field

Command a spaceship in an exciting space shooting adventure.

Protect Earth from Asteroids and Enemies in 10 different missions with lots of levels.

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Dangerous Dave (Web-based Remake)

Relive the good old days with a fun arcade game inspired by a classic of the 90's.

Control the character using the keyboard and walk through an adventure of 10 levels. In each level you have to collect the key to unlock the door and pass to the next one. Use a jetpack to fly and a gun to defeat the enemies.

A simple and fun retro game to be played in your web browser.

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Blue Spheres

A tribute to SEGA's Sonic 3 & Knuckles' Special Stages.

Move forward on large checkerboard arenas with full of different objects, where you have to get the blue spheres. If you touch a red one, you lose! And after touching a blue one, it turns red. The speed of the player increases over time, making it more difficult.

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Crazy Pong

Play a crazy fun table tennis game and challenge your friends to beat your score.

Crazy Pong is a table tennis game unlike anything you've ever seen! And it is really simple: moving the racket with your finger is all you'll need.

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